Thursday, May 21, 2009

wellness adventure

I hear the waves in the morning and at night the best and they relax and relieve my body and mind. What a great feeling to be on the edge of the terra firma and experience the goodness of the earth. The heartbeats(waves) bringing in the life of living.

More good times here at camp Zgoodfood as we continue to yoga, paint, sculpt, eat good food, walk the beach, exercise, snorkeling, surfing, boating, bird watching, parasailing, dancing/Tango and just have a great all wellness adventure.

food and juice at camp zgoodfood in Zihuatanejo, mexico

jucing is so good for you.
Champion juicer is the only good juicer.
You can juice everything and i like to have one fresh juice at least once a day at camp zgoodfood.
its a meal in itself. Sometimes i do a juice fast, just juices and no food. curtains at casa bambu are lovely.
this juice is pinapple and spinach and celery.

green tea is so good for you. i have heard it cures cancer.
Here we are with coucous, carrots steamed. a good salad with sprouts and red onions. you can put in tomatoes,
avacado, radishes, graded beet and carrots and jicama. Soo........good and good for you.
raw raw raw! THINK before you go for the package food, canned or packaged juices, cans, boxes or processed
goods. EAT FRESH! make your coleslaw!

all cut up in squares.
you can add melon or other fruits

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Tango ladies
we made our skirts
here I am showing off!
We had 2 classes, basic
steps, and ocho.
We learned both the men
and women"s parts and
we expect by this time next year that we will be in Buenos Aires dancing all night. Can you imagine
all this in Zihuatanejo, Gro Mexico. What a life.
Dont be jealous come on down and enjoy yourself. Men, book you flights today. This is the place and we need Tango

La Ropa Beach adventure

We are off to playa la ropa a short 4 minute walk down the hill to the beautiful beach where we sat under beautiful unbrellas with our feet in the sand drinking juices,playing games and swimming in the surf. Bought lobsters from a local fisherman right off his boat and had the local restaurant "El Manglar" cook them up. Umm and tasty. If you are coming to camp bring the swimsuit, suntan lotion and your appetite.

Ixtapa Island escape

We took the boat to the island for the day and enjoyed the wonderful swimming and food. On the way we saw some toninas or small dolfins about 5 or so playing in the water. It is quite rare to see them in the bay and they stayed for the whole day. Here is a pic of me listening to music in the boat as we went to the island.
there are no cars in the island and everything has to brought in by boat.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

facial and food baths

Facials facials to make you feel good and relax to improve the skin quality and rejuvinate you skin. We used oatmeal, egg, yogurt mixture and lots of oatmeal and cake it on. Leave it on 30
minutes wash and enjoy your new skin Oh, dont forget the foot baths everynight with sea salt

mango hunting in the jungle

Here we are in the jungle, las ropa beach, zhihuatanejo, gro mexico, all healthy and no man made flu here, in the jungle looking for our mangos, as you can see one and how they are
on the ground. You cant believe the taste of these mangos you find in nature. Of course
there were lots of mango trees before the gov cut them all down for progress. We found
some native jungle and went out exploring. These old mango trees throw the mangos down
in the morning and late in the afternoon. Everyday we would come home and go to the kitchen
to eat these mangos which come in May each year.There are many different types of mangos.
these are free. Its a jungle paradise!!!!!!!