Thursday, May 21, 2009

food and juice at camp zgoodfood in Zihuatanejo, mexico

jucing is so good for you.
Champion juicer is the only good juicer.
You can juice everything and i like to have one fresh juice at least once a day at camp zgoodfood.
its a meal in itself. Sometimes i do a juice fast, just juices and no food. curtains at casa bambu are lovely.
this juice is pinapple and spinach and celery.

green tea is so good for you. i have heard it cures cancer.
Here we are with coucous, carrots steamed. a good salad with sprouts and red onions. you can put in tomatoes,
avacado, radishes, graded beet and carrots and jicama. Soo........good and good for you.
raw raw raw! THINK before you go for the package food, canned or packaged juices, cans, boxes or processed
goods. EAT FRESH! make your coleslaw!

all cut up in squares.
you can add melon or other fruits

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