Thursday, May 7, 2009

zgoodfood spa at casadelaspiedras may 9th 2009

We started the day with a massage at 10:00 am.
Just had coffee and then off to relax for a hour.
She was really great with, bells, obsidian rocks,
nice music, very professional and wonderful.
We didnt eat until 1:00 with juiced apple fresh,
zingy and healthy.
Painting , earings, looked at found objects,
made lunch
at 5:00 we decided to go swimming at the beach until 6:30 the water was perfect and we made
it through the waves.
On the way home we found a lot of plants we collected to bring back to the house to plant and then went hunting for lufus sponges which we
picked for taking baths.
massage, food, art, swimming
good day!

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